• 2021
  • Paris, porte de versailles
  • Franchise Expo Paris

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Coolway: a leading brand in the footwear industry

Coolway was established as an opportunity to create a youthful, trendy and dynamic brand. Walking along a young audience in their day to day, at social, cultural and technological levels. Coolway customers are dynamic, passionate about fashion and trend-setters. They are always connected to today’s world. They are adventurous and inquisitive. Our audience is innovative and have a unique style, authentic. One of our goals is to stand out in terms of market trends and innovation. That’s why we use the latest techniques and technology in the footwear industry to improve on quality, experience and comfort. One of the challenges set by Coolway was to be present at those events attended by its target audience. Music festivals are a great way to approach the target audience and become a part of their experience. This way, Coolway manages to forge a brand identity where customers are our first followers.

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