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4-7 October 2020 – Paris Porte de Versailles


As the French government has allowed exhibition hall for shows and fairs to reopen in September, Franchise Expo Paris confirms its next edition from 4th to 7th October 2020 in pavilions 2 & 3 in Porte de Versailles. For its 39th edition, the most international franchise show will take place in a particular situation and sanitary environment. Its aim will be, more than ever, to help future entrepreneurs to start their own business and to help franchisors with their development. Its ambition? Highlight the franchising model with all its advantages; a business model that has proven its dynamic and strength that will convince the visitors who are willing to develop a concept that already works.
Franchise Expo Paris, 4-7 October 2020
Many expectations for this edition, with more than 400 exhibitors already confirmed

Originally planned in March, the 39th edition of the show has been postponed to these new dates: 4-7 October. More than 400 exhibitors have already confirmed their participation, for an event that will take place at a key moment for many franchisors. All of the participants confirm their trust to Franchise Expo Paris, the international franchise marketplace. The show will have 350 brands from various sectors such as B2C and B2B services, automotive, construction, home decoration, beauty, restaurants… The possibility to meet brands from 90 business sectors, as well as franchise experts, will meet the expectations of all entrepreneurs and future franchisees, who are still attracted by the franchising model even during crisis.
We are happy that the 39th edition of the show can take place in October. These past few months have been difficult and have helped us to see how supportive and united Franchise Expo Paris’ clients and partners are. This event will boost the economy growth that has already started. On our side, we are ready and are doing all we can to make the event a great success, says Sylvie Gaudy, Division director in Reed Expositions France
To prepare this next edition, the organizer’s team from Reed Expositions France have implemented the mandatory sanitary protocol to welcome participants. The organizer will use a system to help regulate the number of visitors in the pavilions at the same time. For more safety, there will be marks on the floor, wearing a mask will be compulsory, and hand sanitizer stations will be available throughout the event that will enable visitors and exhibitors to meet and network in a safe environment.
Franchise Expo Paris, 100 conferences to understand everything about the franchising model
From 4th to 7th October, Franchise Expo Paris offers a program with 100 conferences on its different locations:
-        The Entrepreneurs village, dedicated to entrepreneurship
-        The Franchise school, dedicated to franchisees’ testimonies, and franchisors’ advice
-        The Franchisee workshop, dedicated to more technical and specific topics
-        The Experts workshop, dedicated to future franchisors
If you are either a franchisee looking for new development, a franchisor or a future franchisee, Franchise Expo Paris is more than ever the place to be, it gives all the keys to release one’s project.

A strong model, even during economic crisis

Reassuring, the franchising model is dynamic and evolves with the society and new consumption patterns. In 2019, it has generated a turnover of € 68 billion, showing an increase of 9,5% compared to 2018. Although the Covid-19 epidemic has been tough for independent and isolated shopkeepers at the beginning of 2020, franchise stands out as a strong business model. Indeed, 93,7% of fff’s (Fédération française de la franchise) members have restarted their activity*. Franchise is the perfect mix of independence and support, and appears as a very interesting model to start one’s business alone with the help and advice from a concept that has been tried and tested.
*from fff study – June 2020
They participate to the daily success of franchising. Cross interviews.
Who are better qualified than franchisees and franchisors to tell us all the advantages of the model and to go through this crisis?
Philippe Jambon, CEO of Jeff de Bruges and Joseph Gatel, Jardin des Fleurs franchisee in Poitiers, give us their experience of the past months, what they learned and why attending Franchise Expo Paris is essential.
The world has experienced a very new crisis. How did you experience it?
Philippe Jambon, PDG Jeff de Bruges – “At the beginning it was a big surprise, we didn’t understand what was happening, and we didn’t know how it would come back to normal. Quarantine has been announced 3 weeks before Easter, and that usually represents 20% of our annual sales. After a few days, we have decided to take measures to help and support our franchisees, because a governmental decision enabled our shops to open if we stick to a sanitary protocol. The shops already had all their stock for the coming months, we needed to find solutions. Solidarity was the main solution during this entire crisis. We have implemented things that have enable to save our jobs and our company. Our main preoccupation was to have enough disposable funds to support our network. What we did was to apply a discount of 50% on all Easter production that had already been bought by our shops, and a suspension of the payments until the end of the year. We have also supported our franchisees every week by phoning them and offering them advice regarding short time work, loan guaranteed by the State…today we are still investing in digital tools, and encouraging “click & collect” for the reopening of our stores in order to stay open, should a quarantine happen again.”
Joseph Gatel “When quarantine has been announced, we were lucky to have our CEO, Benoît Ganem. He was there to listen to all his franchisees, and put forward the network and its strength to overcome the obstacles. We have been supported during the quarantine, in particular to get the loan guaranteed by the State and all other help guaranteed by the State. We had regular online webinars and conferences that helped us to get the latest news, to plan the coming days, to see how we can reopen according to the sanitary protocol and to speak with our counterparts. In the shops, the teams were worried to go back to work, we had to reassure them…”
How is franchise a strong business model?
Philippe Jambon“The strength of the franchising model is the fact that the entrepreneur is not alone. And more than ever in the current situation, it’s of high importance to have support; from other franchisees who experience the same things as well as the franchisor who as the know-how and has the capacity to face situations like a pandemic.”
Joseph Gatel – “The first thing about franchise is that it gives support. An economical, financial and mental support because getting information during such times is essential. The last crisis gives me confidence in the concept I chose almost 25 years ago. Franchise is independence as well as the strength of a bigger group. These are two different things that perfectly present what franchising means to me.”
What does Franchise Expo Paris represents for you?
 Philippe Jambon“I think I am the oldest exhibitor on Franchise Expo Paris. The show has helped me to develop the network. For us, it’s where we can meet various profiles and potential new partners. For investors who want to find a concept, it’s ‘the place to be’!”
Joseph Gatel”Franchise Expo Paris is the place to be. People network and meet new contacts, and franchisors present concepts that work. More than 20 years after my first visit at the show, I’m still attending it, because I’m really happy with my franchisor Jardin des Fleurs, but also to speak about the concept to the visitors. I’m attending as a franchisee and a witness. I speak about my vision of the concept, hoping that we would have more candidates the next year, because the more, the stronger. That’s all franchise is about!”

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